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Anger Management - Calendar of Events
The following is a calendar of some of the recent, upcoming, and ongoing events that Dr. Becourtney has been involved in regarding anger management:

Weekly anger management classes in Blauvelt, New York.

June 15, 2017
Dr. Becourtney will be the guest speaker for the Rockland County Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA). His presentation, entitled "Anger Management," will take place at the Jawonio Tech Building in New Hempstead, NY.

April 21, 2016
Dr. Becourtney spoke to an auditorium full of students at Northern Highlands Regional High School in Bergen County as he presented on "Anger Management for Teens."

October 21, 2015
Dr. Becourtney was one of the guest speakers at the Guidance Expo 2015. His presentation, entitled "Anger Management for Teens," took place at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY.

July 19, 2013
Dr. Becourtney traveled to Fredericksberg, Virginia where he conducted an 8-hour Anger Management Professional Certification Training.

October 4, 2012
Dr. Becourtney was interviewed on the Betty Everything Show on the topic of Anger and How to Handle it in a Healthy Way.

March 24, 2011
Dr. Becourtney was quoted in a Hollywood Life article that explored the anger management issues exhibited by Chris Brown and whether he could still be helped.

March 22, 2011
Celebuzz interviewed Dr. Becourtney with a focus on Chris Brown and his anger management incident exhibited on Good Morning America, his past problems with Rihanna, some suggestions for Chris for the future, and a comparison between Chris and Charlie Sheen.

August 2, 2010
Michele Bloomquist of interviewed and consulted with Dr. Becourtney while developing the online quiz entitled, Are You An Emotional Hoarder?

May 13, 2010
Dr. Becourtney was quoted in an AOL News article that examined the impact that anger management classes might have on South African politician Julius Malema.

June 20, 2008
Dr. Becourtney appeared on live television on the Nancy Grace Show on CNN Headline News. As a guest expert on anger management, Dr. Becourtney shared his views with the panel of experts as they discussed two women who have recently been in the news as a result of their fits of anger. The show initially focused on the behavior of Christina Szele, a 35-year-old female passenger on JetBlue who allegedly became so out of control that the pilot was forced to divert the plane for an emergency landing.  Next discussed was Naomi Campbell, the supermodel who recently pleaded guilty to assaulting two police officers in an "air rage" incident at Heathrow Airport.

March 30, 2008
Listen to Dr. Becourtney as he is interviewed by Dr. Howard Gurr on the topic of Anger Management Treatment for Teens and Adults.

March 15, 2008
Dr. Becourtney was the guest speaker for the Professional Social Club. His presentation, entitled "Anger Management Strategies to Improve Relationships," took place at the River Vale Country Club in River Vale, NJ in Bergen County.

April 3, 2007
Dr. Becourtney was the guest speaker for the Bergen County Association of Student Assistance Professionals and gave a presentation on how to form and run anger management groups for teens.

March 28, 2007
Dr. Becourtney had a speaking engagement at the Student Health Fair at Nanuet Senior High School in Rockland County. His audience consisted of over 100 high school students who had expressed interest in learning some new anger management strategies.

March 8, 2007
Dr. Becourtney was the guest speaker for the Bergen County Professional Counselors Association and gave a presentation entitled, "Anger Management for Teens."

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