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Learning new anger management techniques can be tremendously beneficial. Whether you are trying to save your marriage or improve your relationship with someone you care about, the skills taught by Dr. Becourtney can be life-changing.  To help you decide if you should sign up for one of his anger management classes, please take a look at what some of his current and former clients are saying.

If you have participated in one of Dr. Becourtney's anger management programs, please feel free to 
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Dear Dr. Becourtney,

I would like to express my appreciation for your anger management course. It has not only saved my marriage and my relationship with my daughter, it has also helped me to become a better person. I am truly thankful to you.



Dr. Becourtney is an extremely caring and effective psychologist who works with you to help you gain control of your anger issues. The first time I went to his sessions I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect. It didn't take long before I knew this was exactly what I needed. His simple and direct approach in showing you the 8 steps to getting your anger under control has changed me as a person forever. I highly recommend Dr. Becourtney!


You can teach an old dog new tricks...that is what I've learned through my four short months of anger management. Dr. Becourtney's program gave me the tools that I apply daily to strengthen my relationship with my family, friends and daily challenges of life. I feel better. I react smarter to difficult situations. I still get angry at times, but I now have the tools to help control the problem that has plagued me all of my life. I know in the future I will return to group for a refresher to keep me on the right path....life is too short to go around angry....


Dr. Becourtney's group was extremely helpful in identifying the causes of anger and exploring our ability to control our reactions to anger. Dr. Becourtney is very knowledgeable and professional. His insights and compassion were invaluable.

Working with others who experience similar difficulties helped provide a comfortable forum and was quite useful. I highly recommend Dr. Becourtney and his Anger Management Groups to any individual struggling with anger management.

John G.

My son Anthony was always predisposed to having a quick temper. But as he reached his teenage years, the problem escalated out of control culminating in a day spent in jail for assaulting a fellow student. That was the turning point in Anthony’s life.

I was desperate to find the appropriate anger management class for him and by some miracle I located Dr. Becourtney and Anthony regained control of his life.

I always had an anger problem, but never really realized it until I gave birth to my daughter who is now 7 years old. I realized I needed help when my daughter said, “Mommy, why are you always yelling at me?” …

So on my own, I decided to get help. … Dr. B had some VERY good points of advice which I love. …

I would recommend this class for many, many reasons. I also took a parenting class, drug addiction class and so forth and so on, which were all New York State run. I found the most help to be with Dr. B’s Anger Management class. … I would recommend this class to ANYONE and EVERYONE ...

I joined Dr. Becourtney's Anger Management group because I was having issues in my relationship with my (somewhat difficult) partner. We had been in couples therapy and I hoped that by joining Dr. Becourtney's group, I could learn some additional techniques to help me directly address my anger issues and how to control them. The group sessions helped me to understand not only myself, but my partner as well. Dr. Becourtney is very insightful and his guidance during group sessions was extremely helpful. I learned the most by participating in the group discussions and relating the experiences of other members to my own situation. I highly recommend the program to others experiencing anger issues that they want to bring under control.


Anyone considering participating in one of these programs should not hesitate joining for even a moment. Once you start the sessions, you will notice improvements in your life right away. Dr. Becourtney is an expert in this area and has a tremendous amount of experience working with folks from all kinds of backgrounds. This helps to keep the sessions as productive as possible - with the right blend of tools, study and group support. In addition, the group peers help a lot in providing opportunity to better understand how others deal with their anger, in what situations might it arise and what methods work best for them in handling those scenarios. This class is for everyone, whether anger is an issue for you or not. Once you start the sessions you will realize the rewards are truly invaluable.


I have always had a quick temper and lashed out when angry. When I was younger I was physically violent. Throughout my life I was not really concerned about this issue, because I had little regard for the effect that this had on others.

When I had my girls I began to become concerned about the effect I was having on them when I lost my temper. This led me to Dr. Becourtney's group. I liked the idea of a group setting in order that I might share with others having similar issues as myself.

My experience was very valuable. Not only did I find others struggling with the same issues, I also began to acquire tools that have enabled me to interact in ways that I no longer regret when I am angry.

I would highly recommend Dr. Becourtney's group to anyone looking to make a lasting change in this area in their life.

Christine L.

If you have ever been told by a loved one or a trusted therapist that you have an anger problem but have had trouble admitting it, you may want to visit with Dr. Becourtney's anger management group. This was exactly my situation entering the sessions. I have learned about my personal triggers but more importantly, concrete and invaluable tools for coping with these triggers and finding healthy alternatives to expressing anger appropriately. Dr. Becourtney balances the written material with effective group discussions. I highly recommend this program.


I went to Dr. Becourtney's anger management class after an incident with my family. My wife called Dr. Becourtney and booked a session. I agreed with her and went with an open mind. I am glad I did because the class was a really valuable time for me. It helped me to learn how to deal with my anger. Instead of just bursting at the seams and letting it all out, I have learned how to control it and not make a situation any worse than it already is. I have also used what I have learned in other areas of my life. This is a great course and Dr. Becourtney helped me and others in the group to choose the right way to respond to anger invitations.


I participated in Dr Becourtney's adult group program and found it to be immediately helpful. Any participant should realize the importance of being motivated to change. By reading the accompanying book, participating in group, and practicing the use of the tools for anger management, I was able to experience an immediate change in how I was handling the situations that previously would upset me. This provided the kind of positive feedback I needed to know I was on the right path and keeps me motivated to continue.


Dr. B,

I cannot begin to tell you how appreciative I am of you and your program. I have learned so much about the techniques and about “ownership over myself.”

Your statement of “no one can make you angry, you allow yourself to get angry” really hit me. When I finally started to embrace that, it was the catalyst for me to take control over various aspects of my life and how I deal with things.

I have 2 young children, a 6-year-old boy and his 4-year-old sister. My son in particular is extremely difficult, challenging and hard to discipline. He is a beautiful boy who means well and never is malicious but easily and often gets out of control. Instead of constructively parenting I would often yell and try to intimidate my son to get him to behave. One time in particular I got so enraged that I ...

After identifying anger issues in my nephew I did some research on the Internet to find an anger management program. I found that Dr. Becourtney's professional experience as well as his program were what my nephew needed. Since we do not live in NY and would be traveling all the way from Puerto Rico...

Dr. B,

I joined the group because my marriage of 25+ years was coming to an end. Not because of infidelity or physical abuse, but a large part of it was anger and not knowing how much it affected my relationship with my wife, children and outsiders. I have provided a comfortable home and been a better than average provider to my wife and children, however, not knowing how to deal with daily stress has brought me to the largest stressor that I have ever faced.

The group sessions have been great, hearing that many others have the same issue ...

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