Anger Management for Teens

Anger Management for Teens
Anger Management for Teens
The teen years are often quite challenging, marked by rapid changes in physical and psychological develoment. Among the many things that adolescent boys and girls are trying to figure out is how to regulate their emotions. Perhaps the most difficult emotion for a teen to control is that of anger. Through Dr. Becourtney's anger management program, adolescent boys and girls have an opportunity to develop a strong core of anger management skills.

Although a high quality anger management program could benefit just about anyone, it might still be worth asking the question, "Do I need anger management?" For those who answer yes to the aforementioned question and are interested in an individualized anger management program, the next step would be to contact Dr. Becourtney to schedule an initial intake.

For those who might have difficulty getting to Dr. Becourtney's private office in Blauvelt, NY, the next best option may be to complete the Online Anger Management Class for Teens. The online class can be completed from the comforts of home and offers the same curriculum that Dr. Becourtney teaches in his local anger management classes.

Another wonderful resource to consider is the acclaimed anger management workbook that Dr. Becourtney uses in his work with his private clients.

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