Mission Statement

Dr. Becourtney's Mission Statement
While the emphasis in most schools today is on teaching the core academics, Dr. Becourtney contends that not enough time is being spent teaching our students how to cope with frustration, handle conflict, and manage their anger. While some adolescents clearly need help in these areas more than others, it is Dr. Becourtney's belief that every teenager (and most adults) could benefit from a quality therapeutic anger management program. Thus, Dr. Becourtney's mission is to help as many teens and adults as possible develop the anger management skills and techniques that they need.

The individual that is proficient in managing his/her anger is much more likely to hold down a job, experience satisfying personal relationships, and experience a high quality of life. Anger is an extremely important emotion that when channeled properly can be of tremendous benefit. On the flip side, when one is unable to successfully manage his/her anger, significant problems are likely to occur.

It is inevitable to encounter situations in which one experiences feelings of anger and frustration. It is, however, the way that one handles such situations that often determines how he or she is perceived by others.

It is Dr. Becourtney's goal to continue to help teenagers and adults gain insight into their anger and its potential consequences and to provide them with some new "tools" that they can use to better manage their anger. It is hoped that the skills learned during this program will last a lifetime.
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