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Save My Marriage
Save My Marriage | Save My Relationship
As a licensed psychologist and anger management expert, Dr. Becourtney works with many clients who are experiencing marital problems and/or other relationship problems. As a matter of fact, among the most common reasons that clients give to Dr. Becourtney as to why they contacted him is, “I want to save my marriage ” or “I want to save my relationship.” Upon further exploration with these clients, it is often revealed that poorly managed anger plays a huge role in their marital problems and in their other relationship problems.

Many of these clients choose to see Dr. Becourtney at his private office in Blauvelt, NY where they participate in an individual or couples
anger management program or in a weekly anger management class. For those who live too far away to see Dr. Becourtney in person, there is an excellent online anger management class that offers the same content that Dr. Becourtney teaches to his clients in his local anger management classes.
If you are motivated to save your marriage and are unable to see Dr. Becourtney in person, some of the following Save Your Marriage programs and resources may be of interest. However, Dr. Becourtney is not responsible for the content of these other websites. Therefore, please exercise sound judgment when deciding whether to purchase and/or utilize any of the following Save Your Marriage resources:
Save The Marriage
Save The Marriage System
Created by Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D., a professional family and marriage counselor with almost twenty years of experience working with couples that are struggling in their marriages.
Save My Marriage Today
Save My Marriage Today!
Discover Proven Methods to Getting Your Marriage Back On Track - EVEN if You are Struggling to Communicate with Your Spouse and are the Only One Who Wants to Work on It!
Save My Relationship
1000 Questions for Couples
What You Absolutely Must Know About Your Relationship - Test Your Compatibility And Grow Deeper In Love. For Those Dating, Married Or Even In A Long Distance Relationship.
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