Testimonial from Struggling Dad

Testimonial from Struggling Dad
I have 2 young children, a 6-year-old boy and his 4-year-old sister. My son in particular is extremely difficult, challenging and hard to discipline. He is a beautiful boy who means well and never is malicious but easily and often gets out of control. Instead of constructively parenting I would often yell and try to intimidate my son to get him to behave. One time in particular I got so enraged that I scared my wife, her parents who were staying with us, and myself. I knew then that I needed help.

Fortunately I found Dr. B online. After a few individual sessions I entered the group therapy sessions. We went through each chapter in our Anger Management book and discussed each tool to use to control our anger and the principles to apply. This greatly helped me to learn how to deal with my issues and I quickly learned that although my son is difficult it was my anger and how I dealt with situations that was the real problem. I can't say that I am 100% anger free but Dr. B will even tell you that anger free is not realistic. However, I can say that I am a lot less angry and have the tools to help me stay in control when the anger gets the best of me.

Of course I learned a lot from the book, but that wasn't even the most helpful or the part I liked the best. The best part was the relationships that were forged with the other group members and the real stories we all shared. It was very comforting to see that I wasn’t the only one with these anger issues and that I wasn’t alone. We discussed things that made us angry and what tools that we have learned that we could have applied to handle the situations or on the contrary what tools that were applied that correctly handled the situation.

I looked forward to going to group every Monday night. It had a calming effect on me. A few times I had missed my group meetings and I could tell I wasn't quite where I needed to be. My wife would notice as well and she would say you need to go back to group and I knew I did. Eventually though I started to gain control of my emotions and I was having less anger episodes to the point I had nothing but advice to give in group. I enjoyed helping people and wanted to continue to keep going but I knew it was time for me to go at it on my own.

Dr. B helped me get my life back on track, he gave me the tools and the knowledge to do so. I feel better about myself and my family life has been much improved. I hope I never need a refresher but Dr. B told me his door is always open. I greatly appreciate that.

This group has changed my life and if you feel you have anger issues and need to get it under control. Look no further you have found the right place. Thank you Dr. B.


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