Testimonial from Adult Group Member

Testimonial from Adult Group Member
Dr. B,

I cannot begin to tell you how appreciative I am of you and your program. I have learned so much about the techniques and about “ownership over myself.”

Your statement of “no one can make you angry, you allow yourself to get angry” really hit me. When I finally started to embrace that, it was the catalyst for me to take control over various aspects of my life and how I deal with things.

In fact, shortly before I left group, I finally took measures that I should have years ago, to quite simply make my life better. It was immediately after I implemented these steps, I felt like 1000 pounds was lifted from me and I felt tremendously better about myself and my life.

While controlling one's anger will always be an ongoing task, I feel that as long as I can take that extra second to think about what I have learned in Dr. Becourtney's group, I will always be successful.

Thank you Dr. Becourtney and to the group members I have met over the last 16 months, hearing your stories and sharing mine was critical to my understanding things better.

I believe that everybody should explore this program, whether you've expressed outward anger or not, you will be able to embrace critical tools that will help you in all aspects of your life and give you an understanding as to what others have to deal with as well.

Thank you Dr. B, group members past and present, but most importantly, thank you to ME for finally realizing and taking the steps to get better control of my anger issues and my life.


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