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Parent Testimonial

Parent Testimonial
My son Anthony was always predisposed to having a quick temper. But as he reached his teenage years, the problem escalated out of control culminating in a day spent in jail for assaulting a fellow student. That was the turning point in Anthony’s life.

I was desperate to find the appropriate anger management class for him and by some miracle I located Dr. Becourtney and Anthony regained control of his life.  He went to private 90 minute sessions with Dr. Becourtney for 4 months and evolved into a person who thinks before he acts and speaks in a calm tone when he used to scream and lash out at others close to him. Dr. Becourtney gave him the tools to use to handle his emotions and it was evident very quickly how successful this program would be.

My son is now off to college and our family feels confident he will succeed and handle himself in a controlled, mature manner going forward. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dr. Becourtney. If anyone is having this problem I would highly recommend seeking this help immediately because as these kids get older the repercussions for their actions are severe in the legal sense and I only wish I had taken Anthony for help sooner rather than later.

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