Anger Management Resources

Anger Management Resources
In addition to the anger management books that are used by the participants in Dr. Becourtney's anger management classes and individualized anger management programsthere are many other excellent anger management resources listed below.  It is, however, important to note that Dr. Becourtney is not responsible for the content of these other websites. Therefore please exercise sound judgement when deciding whether to purchase and/or use any of the following anger management resources:
Online Anger Class for Teens - offers the same curriculum as taught by Dr Becourtney in his local anger management classes.

Online Anger Class for Parents - exclusively developed for parents to help reduce anger and improve parenting skills.

Online program for parents struggling with their out-of-control teenagers.
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Anger Quotes - Putting the impact of anger into perspective.

Forgiveness Quotes - Words of encouragement to help you let go of your anger.

Emotional Success

Anger Management Techniques for Angry People
We provide effective strategies that will help you identify the factors in your life that fuel your anger, and by identifying these factors we can tailor our help to aid you in overcoming these destructive tendencies.

Anger Management Institute of Texas and Gregory A. Kyles, LPC, CEAP, CAMF provides a safe educational environment for clients to learn socially acceptable means of dealing with anger. You will certainly benefit from our classes by learning what stress is, including stress management strategies that provide alternatives to avoid violent and self-destructive behavior.

Positive Parenting - Family Rules

Anger Management for Teens

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