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Positive Parenting - Family Rules
After being trained by Dr. Matthew Johnson, a licensed clinical psychologist, the founder and president of FAMILY Rules, Inc., and the author of Positive Parenting With A Plan (Grades K-12): FAMILY Rules, Dr. Becourtney was so impressed with this positive parenting program that he began incorporating it into his own private practice.

As stated by Dr. Johnson on his website, "FAMILY Rules is appropriate for the most normal family, the most dysfunctional family, and all other families in between. It truly is a 'one-size fits all' parenting system!!!"
Dr. Becourtney supports the notion that every family could benefit greatly from learning to correctly and consistently implement this wonderful positive parenting program. It is easy to understand and implement and can be used with children of all ages.

Through offering seminars of his own and working individually with parents and their children in his private practice, Dr. Becourtney hopes to see more and more families reap the benefits of Dr. Johnson's Family Rules.

Please contact Dr. Becourtney if interested in scheduling an appointment to learn more about the Family Rules parenting program. With professional guidance from Dr. Becourtney, you can learn how to implement the Family Rules program within your own home. Get started now and see how the Family Rules program can dramatically help you and your family.

If interested in purchasing Positive Parenting With A Plan (Grades K-12): FAMILY Rules, just click on the aforementioned link.

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