Anger Management for Adults

Anger Management for Adults
Anger Management for Adults
While some adults are mandated by the courts to participate in an anger management program, most seek such help on a voluntary basis. Although anger can be positive at times, more often it can be quite destructive. When the consequences of anger exceed its benefits, it is probably time to seek assistance.

Dr. Becourtney is pleased to offer to his adult clients the choice of working on their anger issues individually, as part of a couple, or as a member of his weekly anger management group. While there are many advantages of group therapy (including being more affordable), the chief advantages of individual and couples therapy are increased individual attention, privacy, and opportunities to explore personal issues at a deeper level.

Whether your goal is to save your relationship, fulfill a court mandate, or embark on a journey of self-improvement, Dr. Becourtney can provide the anger management program that is right for you. If interested in scheduling an initial intake or in learning more, please contact Dr. Becourtney.
For those who might have difficulty getting to Dr. Becourtney's private office in Blauvelt, NY, another excellent option would be to register for the Online Anger Management Class that can be completed from the comforts of home and offers the same curriculum that Dr. Becourtney teaches in his local anger management classes.

Another wonderful resource to consider is the acclaimed anger management workbook that Dr. Becourtney uses in his work with his private clients.

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