Consequences of Anger

Consequences of Anger
Although anger can be positive at times, it more frequently leads to harmful consequences. In its most extreme form, it can result in road rage, domestic violence, child abuse, physical assault, and even murder.  

According to Dr. Tony Fiore and Dr. Ari Novick, as explained in their acclaimed book, Anger Management for the 21st Century, the following are the five major costs of anger:

Cost #1 – Your Health
It has been well documented that chronic, high levels of anger are associated with an increased risk for health problems. How often anger is experienced and how it is expressed during periods of emotional distress are significant factors in determining the impact on one’s health.

Cost #2 – Your Self-Esteem
Although the expression of anger may feel good at the moment, it often leads to feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment, and remorse. On a cognitive level, one might realize that his or her response was overblown, misdirected, and/or unwarranted. The result, in most cases, is damage to one’s self-esteem.

Cost #3 – Your Relationships
Very few things can damage a relationship as much as the inability to manage one’s anger. Frequent and/or intense outbursts, whether verbal or physical, can destroy marriages, break apart families, and ruin friendships.

Cost #4 – Your Children
The effect on children of witnessing chronic and/or intense anger in the household can be devastating, often more so than the impact of parental divorce.

Cost #5 – The Workplace
What gets accomplished in the workplace, both quantitatively and qualitatively, can be severely compromised by poorly managed anger, frustration, and resentment.

Uncontrolled anger can adversely affect your health, self-esteem, relationships, the emotional well-being of your children, and your productivity at work. On a more extreme scale, it can lead to such undesirable behaviors as road rage, domestic violence, child abuse, physical assault, and even murder.

If the cost of your anger has you concerned, it is possible that you may be a candidate for one of Dr. Becourtney’s anger management programs. Through individual counseling and couples counseling as well as weekly anger management classes, Dr. Becourtney teaches the anger management techniques needed to better manage your anger.

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