Do I Need Anger Management?

Do I Need Anger Management
Do I Need Anger Management?

Good anger management skills are invaluable in relationships, the workplace, and in almost all aspects of life. The ability to manage one's anger and to communicate effectively with others can significantly impact one's level of happiness and ability to achieve his/her goals.

While almost everyone could benefit from learning new anger management techniques and skills, anger management treatment is particularly helpful for those who feel angry much of the time and tend to either 'bottle up' those feelings or express them in an inappropriate fashion.      

Candidates for Dr. Becourtney's anger management program include those who:
  • have frequent conflicts with friends and/or family members
  • exhibit oppositional behavior at school and/or work
  • have difficulty with authority figures (i.e., teachers, coaches, employers, etc.)
  • are easily provoked
  • often feel angry
  • tend to “bottle up” their feelings
  • have difficulty staying calm when agitated
  • tend to act before thinking
  • have frequent anger outbursts
  • have difficulty expressing their feelings appropriately

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