Temper Temper

"Temper, Temper"
by Ron Huxley
Anger Thought: "When someone has a 'temper' we usually think of an angry outburst or a tendency to become angry or irritable. But temper has more than one definition. It can also mean 'to soften or subdue an extreme feeling or mood.' A person can have a 'tempered life style' meaning they are conservative or balanced. 'Tempered steel' refers to a strong, highly flexible material. How do we reconcile these two, seemingly different, definitions of 'temper?' I like to think that anger has within itself the capacity to manage itself. Stated more directly, your anger does not have to be a permanent descriptor of your personality or lifestyle. Anger is an emotion that comes and goes. You are not your anger!

Anger Action Plan: Take a moment to reflect on your personal attributes that do not involve anger. What other qualities would you use to describe yourself? Strive to project these qualities to other people and see if they notice this 'other side' of you.

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